Top tips for vintage shopping in Burbank

(Best read while listening to a 50s playlist)

  1. TOP TIP! Don’t get up at 8am and think you will get in early, lots of shops don’t open until midday. This is my biggest hint. I arrived the night before and woke after a good 8-hour sleep ready to shop. Thankfully I found some food places open!
  2. Go for breakfast or lunch at Porto's bakery (3614 W. Magnolia Blvd) BEST filled croissants! Great coffee!The amazing selection of products at Porto's Bakery
  3. Besame is close to breakfast and a true time warp. The shop is small and styled like it’s straight out of the 40s or 50s. You can try the full range of lipsticks, purchase powders, mascara cakes or any of their extensive range of makeup in true vintage colours. A lovely experience. Lipstick selection at Besame
  4. Vixen is only open Thursday – Saturday 12 -6pm last I checked so don’t get caught out.
  5. Vixen has full sizes out the back so you just choose the designs you like and they grab sizes out the back. It’s a small shop so don’t be surprised. The shop assistants are super helpful though. Make sure you have the girls or a boy with you to help you decided what you need to buy. I think we spent over an hour here, maybe two by the time the four of us tried on everything and got our sizes right.

vixen burbank miss cecelia rose

6. Playclothes Vintage is HUGE allow half your day here so you don’t get overwhelmed. They tag everything by decade so you can easily focus on one look or year. The shop cat is cute and friendly too. They have jewellery, clothing, shoes, hats, bags and linen. I’ve never seen so much amazingness in one place. This was hands down my favourite shop and where I got my favourite dresses, jewellery and hats from. 

7. Stroll from one end to the other – there are many, many true vintage shops. I had a lovely lady ask me to pose with her saucers and teacups because my outfit matched them. Everyone is super lovely, without asking for help it’s offered but especially when they hear your accent. They leave you to browse and are just really kind and helpful.

8. Unique Vintage is down the end past Vixen. We went back 3 times as you can order in items from the Warehouse if you don’t have your size. Very handy for four girls of different sizes and styles who love vintage! A good two-to-three hours required here. The 1920’s section is great for Art Deco lovers! I got a great 1930s dress for Art Deco weekend in Napier that has been worn at both winter and summer deco now. I purchased a few dresses, swimsuits and accessories here. The girls all got sunglasses and dresses from here too. Allow time to check out the sale rack as that’s where I got a whole load of Micheline Pitt x Unique Vintage workwear and a dress or two marked down. Bargains galore. They stock a wide selection of shoes as well!9. What Katie Did! A Mecca for lovers of underwear, loungewear and corsets. I got fitted properly as I’d never tried one on and this was on my must-buy list. Sadly I lost two dress sizes 6 months after returning to NZ but I managed to swap for a smaller size. The ladies are super helpful and happy to put you in any corset you wish. Loads of the hosiery (also available at Two Lippy Ladies in Napier, NZ), bras, girdles, waspies and a full range of corsets in different styles and of course sizes. See if you can find our pin on the world map in store – signed Miss Powder Primrose, Miss Cherry September, Miss Rita Rose and Miss Cecelia Rose.

Below: Getting fitted for a corset a What Katie Did.

10.There is a Morphe makeup shop near WKD that I enjoyed looking at all the Jeffery Star and in house ranges. As to be expected, they have some huge pallets of eyeshadow and loads of glittery or long-wear lipsticks and gloss. You can get your makeup done and the shop staff were super helpful. Sadly the hot pink I wanted had sold out so I left without buying anything. But we need one of these in Napier. Please.

11. Dinner at one of the local eateries is a must. I had a great burger and cider at one of them on my last solo night after a LONG day of shopping solo!

12. The Italian eatery has a HUGE selection of food and nice big salad range. I enjoyed a smaller salad and meatball. We could easily have shared our meals they were so huge. They have a deli with meats and cheese and icecream cabinet attached. Red and white check table cloths and an authentic vibe.

13. Keep your eyes peeled for celebrities. We missed Vintage Vandalism and her pink corvette and noticed later that night that she had posted to Instagram.

Have you been to Burbank, or are you dreaming of your own vintage pilgrimage? I'd love to hear your thoughts on things to look for, or if something isn't here that you'd love to know, ask a question and I'll answer if I can! 

Stay beautiful ladies!

x Miss Cecelia Rose

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