Recipe - Quick and easy Risotto

This is a great meal, any time of year but especially in winter. I've made variations of it with chicken, bacon and mushroom; a dash of curry paste, lamb or beef and some kumera. You could add any meat or add in some nuts at the end when you ad cheese and the butter. I've left the cheese out for my dairy free friends, like myself, before too.
The Tupperware Micro Pressure cooker has so many safety features, you need not be afraid of using it. 20 minute risotto, 6 minute mac n cheese, pulled pork, 15 minute desserts and cakes, poached fruit, so many yummy dinner options.
Give this recipe a go and let me know what you think.
micro pressure cooker
250 g Arborio Rice
200ml White wine
350 g pumpkin, cubed
Parmesan cheese 1/3 cup or cheddar if only available.
Baby spinach (few handfuls, approx. 1 Cup)
400ml Water
Salt and pepper
20g butter
1 stock cube or 1 Tbsp stock.
1. Chop the pumpkin into similar sized cubes using your Chef Series or Universal Series knives. Chop the onion into quarters and then use garlic crusher or turbo chef to mince garlic and onion together.
turbo chef onion chopper tupperware
The turbo chef is a life saver in the kitchen - no more crying over cutting onions. 288 knife cuts in 18 seconds, so you can have it as fine or chunky as you want. And it does more than just onions and garlic but I'll save that for another post.
turbo chef tupperware onion chopper
2. Place rice, wine, pumpkin, onion, garlic, 400ml water and 1 stock cube in the Micro pressure cooker. Place the cover on top, line up the two arrows then twist to lock and seal with the safety latch.
3. Place the Micro pressure cooker in the microwave for 20 Mins at 800 watts, with the pressure indicator facing towards you if your microwave turntables doesn’t rotate. You want to see the valve so you know when it is safe to remove the cover after cooking.
4. Once the 20 mins is up, open the microwave door to allow any excess steam to escape. Leave the Micro pressure cooker in there to stand for about 10 -15 mins for the risotto to rest or until the pressure indicator is down.
5. Open the cover and add butter, cheese, spinach, salt and pepper to taste and stir through with your TupperChef spatula until combined.
Micro pressure cooker
6. Serve and enjoy!

If you try it, let me know what you think. You can always add different veggies and meat, whatever you have on hand. I've seen a prawn version, veggie version and of course lots of chicken and bacon ones.

Miss Cecelia Rose xx

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