Retro Jewellery and the perfect bangle stack.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to bangles stacks. Think of these as more suggestions or guidelines.

  • Stacks in groups of 3 or 5.
  • Stick to groups of colour from your outfit or accessories but don’t be afraid to introduce new colours. I often wear a blue and white print dress and will add a yellow necklace or earrings, and blue, white and yellow bangles to complete my outfit. Sometimes I introduce a new colour to match my shoes and handbag that I might want to wear with that outfit.
Bangle Stack
  • Play around with different thicknesses of your bangles. Sometimes a midi or spacer will look great with a mix of wide bangles.
  • Bangles come in three different sizes: Princess, Regular and Duchess or Queenie. This is the inside diameter of the bangle and relates to how big your hand is. Check out the pictorial guides below for how to measure your bangle size.
  • Clear and white are a great way to bulk up your bangle stacks if you are afraid of too much colour or not allowed to wear colour for work/a uniform.
  • There are no rules, do what you want!

How to measure your bangle size:

Diagram showing how to measure your bangle size

Where do I find my bangles? 

  • Retro Jewellery is a proud stockist of Bow and Crossbones from the UK, as well as Splendette and a range of vintage bangles.
  • Check out your local op shop, hospice shops and have a wee rummage!
  • Pinup garage sales are great too.
  • Buy and Sell pages like the NZ Rockabilly, vintage and pinup pages often have bulk deals and ladies having a clear-out.

    How do I store my bangles?

    • In a Tupperware bowl (yes really!) I don’t like the sun to damage them so I keep them out of sunlight.
    • I have large wooden bangle racks from Splendette but I end up having to put a cute scarf or tea towel over them to protect them from sunlight and dust.
    • I’ve seen people put them on ribbon dispensers from Spotlight and even paper towel roll holders. The bangle rack from Splendette is sturdy with 6 dowels to hang your range on and are easy to get bangles on and off.

    How do I clean my bangles or other jewellery?

    • With a soft damp cloth. Don’t use anything too harsh on plastic incase it affects the colouring and marks it.
    • Sunblock, perfume, moisturiser, our skin, oils and makeup can all mark and stain jewellery, so it is a good idea to put these items on last. Where possible, give them a wipe with a damp cloth before putting them away.

    Do you have any tips I've missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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