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Welcome to my blog! I wanted to create a safe place for pinup newbies to come and ask questions, learn more about the history behind our fashion and style and find their own version of the vintage, pinup or rockabilly lifestyle (or a combination of all three!) There are no rules here, we break them.

I live in Napier, New Zealand, the Art Deco capital of the world. I’m currently restoring my first home, a 1940s Art Deco home to its former glory. So in-between lusting over pretty dresses, selling Retro Jewellery and Tupperware, organising the Winter Warmer Vintage Market and renovating on weekends, I like to keep myself pretty busy.

I’ll also be sharing some delicious recipes, creative drinks and time-saving meal ideas I’ve learnt along my Tupperware journey.

As a lot of people followed our month-long trip across America to Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival in April 2019, I thought I’d feature a few travel tips, pictures and must-dos for those planning a trip to America. I’ve also travelled to Europe, The UAE, The Cook Islands and Australia so you could say I like to travel?

While I can’t sew...yet, (It’s on the cards this winter thanks to some very talented friends) I am very good at shopping and putting together an outfit. I’ll share my favourite retailers, both in NZ and abroad, a few of my favourite things as well as hacks on how to start your pinup wardrobe on a budget.

So grab a drink, your notebook and pen and sit back and relax! I’m here to help you with your pinup journey.

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