What's all the fuss about Tupperware?

What's all the fuss you ask?

Probably the free stuff. But it could be the red dot design award winning products, the fun from catching up with your friends, the ease of using our products or that they actually do what they say they will. They look good and feel good using them (ergonomically designed I mean).

Some might remember their Mum or Grandma having parties in the 50s and 60s. Did you know, it is 47 years for Tupperware NZ this May. Happy Birthday Tupperware!!!

Storage! Who doesn't want their pantry, fridge or freezer to look good? You can be proud when you open up the cupboard doors of a Custom Kitchen Planned pantry, that's for sure. Everything in it's place, space saved and organised. 

Streamline your kitchen, get organised. From the fridge to the pantry, we have your sorted! Even your utensil drawer can have a make over with us.

Less waste. This is where ventsmarts and clearmates are a godsend. Less fresh fruit and vegetables going in the bin means less hard earned money going down the drain. Ventsmarts are proven to extend the life of your fruit and vegetables by 2-3 x.  One of my favourite websites with ideas on less food waste is https://lovefoodhatewaste.co.nz/ heaps of recipes and ideas.

Save time. With the Micro pressure cooker and steamer, it means dinner can be done in 20 - 30 mins without stirring pots and keeping an eye on things. That means more quality time while dinner cooks.

Save money. This is a no brainer. You can buy in bulk and also have less waste, which means your money is going further. When you use Modular Mates, you can also see at a glance what food you are low on so you don't end up with 12 bags of icing sugar like my lovely Mum did. True story!

Nostalgia - who else had one of these shape-o's growing up? Do your kids have your one now? Or your Grandkids?

Lifetime Guarantee. Of course, this has long been a big selling point and point of difference for Tupperware. What other products come with a lifetime guarantee? Not many, I can tell you! Find out or lodge a warranty claim here

Brownie Wise - the first woman on cover of business week. She pioneered the Party Plan business system - often copied, never beaten. She was a genius when it came to mixing sales with socialising and outsold many other sales methods with her home based party plan selling.

It's been 9 years and still counting for me as a consultant. And I wont be going anywhere anytime soon. I was also a Manager in Auckland with a hardworking team, we earnt the Kia Managers car, travelled overseas for conferences and I loved it! I really do enjoy training and coaching others to achieve their goals.

If you are interested, you can keep updated via my VIP Tupperware page here

If you own a piece of Tupperware or ten, I'd love to know what you favourite item is and why?


Miss Cecelia Rose xx

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