I love this stuff. There's something for everyone and every occassion. I even have a stack of retro bowls in my logo!

Tupperware and the Retro Scene

Brownie Wise was the first Tupperware lady. Way back in 1946, she took some Tupperware home from the local hardware store where it wasn’t selling and showed her neighbours. The neighbour had a friend around and so the first Tupperware party was born!

To celebrate Australia’s 55th birthday, Every Month that year, a different “Bring Back” item was released. Favourites such as the starburst seal canisters, wonderlier bowls and square cake carrier all featured.

I still judge an op shop by the quality of its Tupperware on offer. Do they have a jel-ring? Square round? The canisters like Mum has? Or some pastel wonderlier bowls with matching seals? I’m sold, that’s a 10/10 from me.

These days, Tupperware is still going strong and the lifetime guarantee still applies. We have had to evolve from predominantly party plan to also sell online and now all consultants have their own online link for our customers to shop from: 


There's something for everyone with Tupperware!


The best news is we also now ship directly to our customers. Orders are getting to non-rural, urban based customers within 2-3 days on average.

My nickname is “Tupper Rose”, thanks to a friend’s husband asking me how business was going and the name stuck.

Tupperware has been a big part of my life the past 9 years and no doubt will continue to be. I’ve travelled overseas on managers trips, driven a new branded Kia car, earnt lots of jewellery, a BBQ, homeware, linen, electronics, a microwave, even a Dyson vacuum cleaner! The extra cash has given me the ability to travel, buy pretty dresses, shoes and handbags and also save for the deposit on my first house.

Selling Tupperware has given me the confidence to talk in front of a room full of people. Sometimes it's eight people at a party. Sometimes it's 80 at our Sales Meetings. But more importantly, I’ve made lifetime friends! And got more Tupperware than I’ll ever know what to do with!

Check out the blog for some delicious recipes, creative drinks and time-saving meal ideas I’ve learnt along my Tupperware journey. I might have to dig out some retro bring backs to share, too. It’s all about great looking, functional BPA free plastic that saves you space, waste and haste in the kitchen. If I can help one busy Mum get a nutritious meal on the table in 20 mins for her hungry tribe, that actually gets eaten, my work here is done.