Narrow Hater Carved Bangle
Narrow Hater Carved Bangle

Narrow Hater Carved Bangle

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No hate here! We are loving Hater with its Duotone inky black and white contrast it's leaving us all shook up. It's a classic combo for all you vintage lovers out there, perfect for adding a touch of drama!

Hater is a throwback to one of Splendettes first collections and, alongside it's partner, lover its a striking couple. Why not complete the look with the hater bead necklace or a earrings?

Not sure what size is best for you? Check out our size guide to make sure you get the perfect fit.

Please note, all our items are hand carved so while we make them as similar we possibly can, there may be a little bit of variation from the image.

Bangle only, earrings sold separately

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